2015-2016 Registration!

Not to worry! If you've been directed here to register for an Aeries account for the upcoming school year you've still come to the right place. Click on the Aeries SIS button below. If you would like to know more about any of these systems please check out the Frequently Asked Questions!

Attention: It's come to our attention that email addresses from ATT and SBC are not able to receive emails from hbuhsd.edu. We're currently working with those companies to resolve the issue. Until then, registering with an email address from a different provider like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.com will work. We will continue to post information as it becomes available.

Summer Maintenance!

MyClasses is down for maintenance this summer for parents and students. We're taking the lessons we've learned over this first year to make improvements and fix bugs. You can still access the Aeries Parent Portal and as always you can email questions or comments to the webmaster.

I would also like to thank everyone for their patience during our first year with both Aeries and the MyClasses portal, we're taking what we've learned to provide everyone with a more stable and useful product. If you have any questions or comments please send them to the address listed above. We appreciate the feedback!

Parents & Students

Faculty & Staff